‘Fetal Cells and Maternal Blood’ – From Fact to Reality

‘Fetal Cells circulate in Maternal Blood’ is a fact known to biologists for more than a century. The potential of circulating fetal cells in risk-free, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis is now widely accepted. However, rarity of these fetal cells in maternal blood circulation, and the lack of knowledge of fetal cell specific markers had made the enrichment and detection of fetal cells quite difficult. We, at ARCEDI Biotech ApS, have filled this void, between fact and reality. We have developed a novel method of consistently separating rare fetal cells from maternal circulation and using these cells for predicting the outcome of a high risk pregnancy. We now have the knowhow of specific markers for fetal cell enrichment and detection by staining which has now given us the unparalleled ability to perform gender-independent fetal cell isolation from maternal circulation for prenatal diagnosis.