ARCEDI CSO presents EVITA TEST COMPLETE at an event in Aarhus University

ARCEDI Chief Scientific Officer, Lotte Hatt presented EVITA TEST COMPLETE at a debate event organised at Aarhus University on the future of healthcare in the Central Denmark Region.

Future of Healthcare in the Central Denmark Region


In connection with the upcoming elections in the Central Denmark Region scheduled for November 16, a debate event was organised at Aarhus University where candidates representing different political parties debated on the future of healthcare in the region.

The purpose of the event was also to give the students and other participants a broader and deeper understanding of the importance of the regional elections in relation to the healthcare system of the future.

Before the political debate on the future of the healthcare, three Biotech/Healthtech companies from the region involved in cutting-edge technologies were invited to present their projects.

As part of her presentation Lotte Hatt emphasised that EVITA TEST COMPLETE has been developed in a unique private-public collaboration, and the innovative technology behind the test was highlighted as the future of prenatal diagnosis.

The presentation provided inspiration on how new technologies can help shape the future healthcare system and ensure that productive collaborations between the private and public sectors provide new opportuties for the pregnant women seeking safer ways of doing prenatal testing.