ARCEDI CTO features in ‘Digital Hub Denmark’

ARCEDI, and Chief Technology Officer Ripudaman Singh gets featured in the ‘Tech Talent’ campaign by Digital Hub Danmark

Ripudaman Singh, India


The contrasts between India and Denmark are big, but the small country to the North could provide Ripudaman Singh with some interesting opportunities. 20 years ago, the 45-year-old CTO landed in Aarhus, where the Danish work-life balance gives him time to both work and play.

Transforming prenatal diagnostics


“I work in ARCEDI Biotech ApS as the Chief Technology Officer. ARCEDI has developed a proprietary technology to isolate fetal cells circulating in maternal blood and use these rare cells for risk-free non-invasive prenatal testing. I have been associated with this technology since its inception in 2007. However, this project was part of another company called FCMB ApS, where I worked as a research scientist. In 2014, the technology was taken over by ARCEDI Biotech, and I was offered a role as the CTO.”

“In ARCEDI, we are nineteen full-time employees. It’s like one big family with smaller overlapping teams and a lean organization with easy and efficient communication. There are multiple projects and tasks running parallel, which are steered by individual people. However, everyone in the organization is part of all the projects albeit in different capacities.”